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Fardara is the combination of the bests in the world of technology, from experts and tools to newest methods and solutions. Designing top quality websites with high creativity and best support in cloud infrastructure.

Our Services

Web Design

Provide access to your online services with latest methods of web designing.

Project Consulting

Are you hesitate about running your own website or your infrastructure? Our technical team is here to help you.

Learn WordPress

Do you want to learn how to manage WordPress or design your own template? We’re ready to teach from basic to advanced.

Improve SEO

Improve your websites ranking in search results and bring more users to your website.

Cloud Infrastructure

Run your services on cloud infrastructure with highest quality and lowest price in CDN, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security and more.

Improve Speed

Improve and increase load time of web pages and increase users satisfaction.



Elpars [Persian]

Minaye Zendegi Online Shop [Persian]

Perfika: Instagram Templates

Realtime Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor the performance of cloud server with details in CPU, Ram, Disk, Network, Firewall and more in realtime and analyse to increase in case of emergency.

Improve SEO, Speed and bring more Users


PageSpeed Score


YSlow Score




TTFB – ms

Cloud Infrastructure



Display your content from closest location with highest speed and quality.


Protect your website against cyber attacks, hacks and DDOS.

Cloud Storage

Keep your data encrypted with highest stability without worrying about infrastructure or losing them.

Cloud Server

Run your Services on cloud servers with highest speed and quality on SSD.

Live Stream

Start live streaming with least delay and highest quality without getting worried about infrastructure.

Cloud DNS

By the help of anycast network in multiple locations in the world make everything faster and more stable and stop DDos attacks.

We are skilled WordPress experts

Exclusive Template

Exclusive WordPress template with latest design methods and full compatibility with WordPress core.

Speed & Security

Loading time is one of the important factors in google ranking. The next thing the user cares a lot is how you provide their security.

Mobile Optimization

The more user growth, the more your website needs to be compatible with mobile devices and get better in responsiveness.


Support is started right after web design phase and creating a safe infrastructure.




Pay-as-You-Go in cloud infrastructure, and select whatever modules you need in web design.

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